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Johnson Personal Health Plan

Designed with you in mind, the Johnson Personal Health Plan is an affordable health and dental benefit plan, offering you a choice in coverage between an Optimum Plan and a Preferred Plan.

The OPTIMUM PLAN provides a broad range of extended health and dental benefits, including prescription drugs. The PREFERRED PLAN provides economical coverage for extended health and prescription drugs.

Who is Covered?

The Johnson Personal Health Plan is available to members of sponsored groups who are Canadian residents and are covered under their government health insurance plan. Certain eligibility requirements may apply.

Coverage is medically underwritten and available for singles, couples, and families. A family consists of you, your spouse, and all unmarried dependent children under the age of 21 who live with you and are not regularly employed. Dependent children attending an accredited college or university full-time remain eligible for coverage until the age of 25.

Available Coverages:
  •  Single: 1 participant
  •  Couple: 1 participant + 1 dependent
  •  Family: 1 participant + 2 or more dependents 


Having a pre-existing condition does not exclude you from participating in the Johnson Personal Health Plan. *

Premiums for the Johnson Personal Health Plan are eligible medical expenses under the Canadian Federal Income Tax Act.

*Alternative or limited coverage may be available based on the health and other information provided in the application for coverage.

Focus on your business with one less thing to worry about

Enjoy peace of mind knowing the health and dental needs of you and your family are covered.

The Johnson Personal Health Plan is your solution if you are:

The Johnson Difference

No waiting period

Coverage begins the first of the month following the approval of your application.

Pay-Direct Card

Eligible expenses can be submitted electronically through most pharmacies, dental offices, hospitals, and professional services offices.

Increasing Maximums

As your plan enrollment continues, your benefit coverage and plan maximums increase.

Automatic Renewal

Coverage is automatically renewed annually under the same plan, even if there is a change in your health status.


Coverage can be continued if you change employers as the only requirements are Canadian residency and provincial government health plan coverage.

Professional Services

Coverage for services include acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractor and physiotherapy.

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