4 Simple car maintenance tips

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May 29, 2019

Johnson the dog loves a smooth ride with the windows down (even when it’s cold out), which is why we’ve compiled some popular car maintenance tips to help you stay safe next time you head out on the road.

1. Replace your wiper blades

Most people don’t think about replacing their wiper blades until they’re caught in a rain, snow, or ice storm and realize they can’t see. Realistically, you should change your wipers every 6-12 months or as soon as the wiper blades no longer make contact with the windshield, they begin to squeak or reduce your visibility. Wiper blades are relatively easy to replace and instructions usually include a helpful step-by-step diagram on the packaging. If your vehicle has a back wiper, don’t forget to check that too!

2. Stock up on windshield washer fluid

Windshield washer fluid doesn’t just help you see the road clearly. It acts as a lubricant to your windshield washer pump. If the pump does not contain fluid, it could corrode, leak, or even stop working.

3. Clean your Air Filter

They say a dirty air filter is like having no filter at all. That's because a dirty and clogged air filter prevents the necessary amount of clean oxygen from reaching the engine and mixing with the fuel. On the flip side, a clean air filter can aid in improved gas mileage, better acceleration, increased engine life, lower emissions, and over engine performance.

If your filter is dirty, you can choose to replace, vacuum, or clean it. Whatever method you choose, cleaning your filter is an easy task that will help your car run more effectively and efficiently. 

4. Stop warming up your car in the cold

We know that getting into your ice-cold car when it’s -20 degrees Celsius out is far from fun. But turning your vehicle on and letting it idle can cause more harm than good because it  strips oil away from the engine's cylinders and pistons. Once you’ve brushed off all the snow and scraped off any ice, it’s best to turn your vehicle on and wait approximately 30 seconds before driving. Your gasoline will warm up your engine. As for you, just make sure you’re wearing warm gloves until things heat up.

5. Beyond maintenance

Another great idea is to make sure you have the right car insurance for your specific needs. If you’re a Johnson Insurance customer, you can find out more about your policy by connecting with one of our friendly representatives. If you’re not a Johnson Insurance customer, get a car insurance quote online today*.

  • * Car insurance policies are not available in BC, SK, MB, or NU.
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