Insurance 101: Am I insured if someone else drives my car?

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Mar 22, 2019

Perhaps a friend is borrowing your truck to move their son into (or out of) his university dorm room. Or maybe a neighbour’s vehicle is in the shop and they need to make quick run to the grocery store because they ran out of sugar. Whatever the scenario, “is my car insured if someone else is driving it?” is a common insurance question.

We’ve made the answer easy-to-understand in the video below:

Your vehicle will be covered if someone else is driving, as long as they:

  1. Have a valid Canadian driver’s license (travelers from outside Canada need to check with the regulatory body of the province(s) they will be driving in).
  2. Are using the vehicle with the owner’s permission.
  3. Haven’t committed an offence under Canada’s Criminal Code while operating your vehicle.
  4. Don’t use your vehicle for a prohibited use in your policy, such as racing.
  5. Aren’t specifically excluded from driving your vehicle.

Before the driver hits the road, it’s a good idea to remind them where your proof of insurance is, in the event that they get in an accident while driving your vehicle. You should also know that if an accident occurs while someone else is driving, it will affect your policy, so always use your best judgement when lending out your vehicle. Taking the proper precautions will keep you, your vehicle, and any additional drivers safe.

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