Home Fire Safety Tips for Summer

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Jul 7, 2021

Fire in its many forms is a part of our lives. From the romance of a candlelit dinner to glowing embers in a fireplace to the unbeatable taste of meat grilled on a BBQ, some of our best experiences are enhanced by fire. That’s why it’s more important than ever to be aware of the other side of fire: the fact that it can destroy homes and lives.

Stop the spread.

An important summer fire safety tip is to make sure that fire won’t spread. Trees and bushes within 10 metres of your home should be kept trimmed and deadwood removed1. All organic debris such as dry leaves should be removed from your yard, deck, gutters and roof.

BBQ/grilling safety tips: a burning issue.

Your BBQ should be away from fences and overhangs and away from combustible materials.2 Having to take a few extra steps to turn those burgers is worth the inconvenience. Clean the grease trap and the housing of the grill regularly to prevent a build-up because that gooey coating is pure fuel once a flame touches it. Also, remember that leaving a BBQ unattended can be disastrous - and not just from overcooking those expensive steaks.

Where there’s smoking, there’s fire.

Another watch-out to mention is discarded cigarettes that can cause fire in terracotta pots and planters. Remind your guests: it may seem like a harmless place to butt out, but ashtrays are much safer.

Outdoor fires require caution.

We all love the fresh air, the smell of the pines and the fun of roasting marshmallows. However, flying sparks can endanger not just our homes, but the very outdoors we cherish if smouldering embers from a campfire ignite underground roots. Can you have a fire pit under a covered patio? Definitely not. Fire pits can be safely enjoyed but should never be located on a covered patio or a balcony.

The good news.

You can help protect your home and its contents by taking common sense precautions to prevent a fire and also by obtaining appropriate home insurance. Fortunately, fire insurance is usually included in your home and contents insurance, which may cover the cost to repair or even rebuild your home in the event of fire. Talk to a Johnson Insurance broker to learn more about your existing coverage or to get a quote so you can be confident that your home insurance will provide all the coverage you need.

Article courtesy of Johnson Inc. (“Johnson”). Johnson is an insurance intermediary specializing in home, auto and travel insurance, as well as group benefits. For more information about Johnson, go to www.johnson.ca (Quebec residents please visit: www.johnson.ca/quebec).

This article is provided for your general information only. Nothing in this article alters the terms or conditions of any insurance policy. Read your policy for a complete description of coverage and contact your insurance provider or intermediary for coverage and policy details.

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2. https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/home-garden-safety/barbecue-safety.html

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