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Oct 12, 2019

Home hacks

There are a lot of joys associated with owning a home. A place to settle down, raise your family and make memories that last a lifetime. But one homeownership memory you don’t want to add to that list is expensive home repairs. That’s why it’s so important to take preventative measures to keep your home in tip-top shape. We’ve compiled six simple steps you can take to help you save some serious dollars.

1. Insulate your water tank

While we all love the idea of a fancy new tankless water heater that takes up far less space and uses significantly less energy, the upfront price can be tough to swallow. If a new water heater isn’t in your budget, consider insulating your existing tank instead. Make sure you read your owner’s manual on the best way to wrap the tank, and check with your city as they may offer an energy saving rebate. This small update can help you save up to 16% in water-heating costs in just one year.1

2. Take on termites

Termites aren’t just for the tropics. Subterranean termites can thrive in most parts of southern Canada. Homeowners can help prevent termite infestations by stopping any sources of moisture, keeping landscaping clean and neatly trimmed, making sure no trees are coming in contact with your home’s walls, and storing firewood in a dry place away from any buildings.

If you do find you have a termite problem, don’t ignore it and hope it will go away, call pest control to stop any further damage and repair any damage they have made.

3. Clean your coils

Just because you can’t see the coils on the back of your refrigerator, doesn’t mean they don’t need to be tended to. Dust, pet hair, and stray food can easily get caught up in the coils, restricting airflow and causing your fridge’s motor to work harder and use more energy2, costing you more money. It’s recommended that every six months you pull out your fridge and clean the coils which can be found on the back or the bottom of your fridge.3

4. Switch to a smart thermostat

Canadian households spend a significant amount of their annual income on energy to heat and cool their homes, which is why when it comes to your thermostat, you shouldn’t just set it and forget it.4 Programmable thermostats are on the rise and if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, why not start now? According to Natural Resources Canada, an ENERGY STAR® certified smart thermostat can help you save at least 8% on your home’s energy use. For a small upfront fee, you can save big for years to come.5

5. Air out your air ducts

With clear ducts, not only will you breathe better, you will use less energy to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Did you know that if your home has air ducts, they only need to be cleaned every three to five years?6 Many people think they need to clean their air ducts more frequently than this, but this is not the case. Some of the main reasons for needing to get your ducts cleaned include mold, insects or rodent infestation, or if you’ve noticed you have poor airflow throughout your home.It’s also a good idea to consider cleaning your ducts if you’ve just recently moved into a new home or have completed major renovations. You never know what the construction crew may accidentally leave behind — anything from pieces of drywall and insulation, to coffee cups to plastic bags could make their way inside the ducts.>

6. Work on weatherstripping

Take a look at your exterior doors. If on any side you can see light leaking through, that means air and water can also leak through. By weatherstripping, your doors will be properly sealed, ensuring that nothing is getting in or out. Best of all, this inexpensive process could help you save on your heating and cooling bills, as well as prevent water damage that can come with a hefty price tag to repair.8

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