Protecting Your Data: The Basics

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May 29, 2023

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If your password is still ‘Password’, we need to talk

Protecting your online data is more important than it’s ever been, so we’ve compiled a few basic tips to help you stay safe in cyberspace.

Tip #1: Pick your passwords wisely

This is a biggie. You probably already know that you should use different (and complex) passwords for your various online accounts, but have you considered using a password manager?

Aside from generating strong passwords for you, they can also monitor your accounts for security breaches and let you know when existing passwords aren’t strong enough. Looking at you, Gretzky99.

Tip #2: Set up your data defense

Installing reliable antivirus software can go a long way towards keeping your information secure. We also recommend setting up two-step authentication for email and any other important accounts.

Tip #3: Protect against identity theft

It’s a good idea to check your credit report each year for suspicious activity, which could be a sign of identity theft. For extra protection, avoid uploading any sensitive documents to the cloud (including documents containing passwords or other important personal info).

Tip #4: Establish good habits

Practicing good ‘digital hygiene’ can go a long way. This includes only downloading apps from sources you trust, keeping your operating systems up to date, and remembering to update your hardware as well as your apps (including smart home devices).

Tip #5: Don’t take the bait

To avoid phishing attempts, always be on the lookout for suspicious links in emails or on social media (and never click on them). Obvious typos or extra characters in a sender’s name or link are immediate tricks to watch out for.

Hover over the link with your mouse, and the URL it’s directing you to will appear in a little box. If the URL looks like it has been shortened, you can test it out using a link-expansion service.

This is by no means a comprehensive guide to internet security (you can find more good info here) but practicing these simple steps will help you stay safe when you’re online.

Looking for extra protection?

At Johnson, identity theft protection is available in our home insurance policies. Contact us today and we’ll help you get coverage that’s built for you.

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