Selling your home? Spring into action

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Mar 17, 2020

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As Canadians, we have a lot of reasons to love springtime. You don’t need to wear a million layers to venture outside. The sun is still out when you leave work. And it’s a great time to sell your home. While not all Canadians will be looking to sell their home, if you happen to be, spring is a good time to do it. 

Is it spring yet? 

Firstly, let’s define when spring officially starts in the real estate world, because it happens much sooner than your calendar would suggest. Here, spring officially kicks off at the end of February, extending into April.1  This may seem at odds with peak real estate sales that happen in May.

Now let’s have a look at why spring is a great season to think about selling your home. 

1.  Working around school

Many homebuyers have families and want to avoid interrupting the school season. Therefore, they’ll buy in the springtime so they can move at the end of June.2  This gives ample time to settle in and prepare for the year ahead.  

2. Hibernation is over

Animals aren’t the only ones coming out of hibernation during the spring. We do it too. People are more likely to venture outside after months of being indoors when there’s less snow on the ground and temperatures are fairer. Meaning they’ll do the legwork needed to purchase a home, including attending open houses and viewings. When we wake up, so does the market. 

3. Curb appeal

The curb appeal factor cannot be understated when planning to sell a home for top dollar, and it’s something that’s easier to accomplish with warmer weather. For example, patio furniture and BBQs can make their return to backyards, and driveways aren’t buried under a layer of salt or snow.3  These things – plus dozens more – add to the outdoor visual appeal of a home, enticing buyers to spend. 

4. Weather or not

Homebuyers try to avoid moving in the middle of a cold winter, or in the heat of summer, and fall often offers less curb appeal.Fittingly, homeowners will time their move for spring, making the whole process a lot easier to physically manage. 

5. Higher price

As a result of the previous four reasons combined, you may get a higher price for your home. With the high demands, warmer weather, and increased curb appeal, you stand the chance to make the most from the sale of your home. 

It’s easy to see why it’s great to list your home for sale in the spring. Plus, with Johnson Insurance, moving can be made even easier. With our Comprehensive Coverage, your belongings can be covered up to 90 days during your move, ensuring that treasured items are safe on their journey to your new home. To find out more, contact one of our friendly representatives

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