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Jul 15, 2021

Should my home insurance change?

If the equipment you’re using belongs to your employer, your home insurance may not cover damage or theft. In fact, you’ll have different insurance needs depending on whether you work from home due to COVID-19, are self-employed, or are operating an incorporated business from your home. It’s wise to confirm what coverage is included in your policy.

What’s the best working from home setup?

For most of us, work is a place we go to. It should be the same when you’re working at home. Some good remote work tips include setting up a defined “work station” with your computer, a writing surface, a place for your coffee and a comfortable chair with proper support.

Can I save on car insurance?

Since you don’t even need to start your car to get to the office, talk to us about how driving fewer kilometers could help reduce your car insurance costs. And if your driving habits have changed due to COVID-19, you can update your details online.

How should I manage my time?

Set your alarm. Shower and dress as if you had an appointment, because you do. Be at your desk on time, ready to dig in. Sure, you can cut yourself some slack, but maintaining a schedule keeps your mind sharp. By the way, quitting time is just as important. When you sign off for the day, treat yourself with a walk outside, by watching an episode of your favourite series, or having a video chat with a close friend.

How can I improve productivity at home?

Log out from your social media accounts until your designated “break time.” Yes, this includes your mobile phone. If background music helps you work, great. But if you are tapping your foot and singing along, maybe consider silence. Working near a window can improve productivity, as long as you’re not being distracted. Speaking of distraction, set aside regular play time with your pets so they’re not trying to get your attention as you work. As for children, recognize that this is new for them, too, and they may deserve additional screen time to keep them occupied.

How can I keep comfortable?

Working remotely is the perfect opportunity to do yoga at your desk, if that’s your thing. Or simply remember not to sit for more than 30 minutes. Get up and stretch or walk around regularly. At lunch, go for a brisk walk and get some fresh air. Why not enjoy this flexibility while you can?

From reassessing your car insurance to adding optional home business insurance coverage to getting a quote on a new home policy, a Johnson Insurance agent will be happy to help you adjust to this new world of working from home.


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