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Welcome College and University Retiree Associations of Canada (CURAC) to Johnson insurance!

Over the years, we’ve helped 80,000+ education professionals that are part of a qualifying group get coverage they can rely on. With exclusive rates and policies built to suit your individual needs, we’re dedicated to helping you and your loved ones stay protected.

    Travel insurance

    Let the hassle-free travel coverage begin

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    Insurance that's ready when you are

    We make travelling simple with one annual insurance plan: MEDOC®Travel Insurance. So even for those last-minute getaways, you’ll already have one thing packed and ready to go.

    Unlimited Trips

    Coverage for an unlimited number of trips throughout the policy year.*

    Access to Coverage

    Insurance that can be purchased no matter your age or health status.

    Trip Disruption

    Trip cancellation, interruption and delay insurance1 for multiple trips throughout the policy year. 

    Family Coverage

    We offer an additional coverage option for your eligible dependent children, even when they’re travelling on their own.

    Travel insurance that really soars

    Your MEDOC® Travel Insurance also includes:

    • Pet Return
    • Dental emergency
    • Vehicle Return
    • Medical Emergency*
    • Baggage protection
    • Extended Travel Options
    • Home Bonus2

    Have questions? We’re here to answer them

    Will my pre-existing medical condition affect my eligibility and coverage?

    Coverage can be purchased regardless of health status. Our policy provides coverage for pre-existing medical conditions as long as the stability requirement, where applicable, is met prior to booking your trip for trip cancellation, or prior to your date of departure for emergency medical coverage and trip interruption and delay. In most cases, MEDOC® Travel Insurance requires 90 days of stability for pre-existing medical conditions. For additional information about the stability requirement specific to your policy, please speak to one of our agents.

    Stable means any medical condition or related condition (including any heart condition and/or lung condition), other than a minor ailment, for which all of the following statements are true:

    • there has been no new diagnosis, new treatment or new prescribed medication;
    • there has been no change in treatment or change in prescribed medication (including the amount of medication to be taken, how often it is to be taken, the type of medication or changes in treatment frequency or type); Exception: i) the routine adjustment of Coumadin or Warfarin, insulin or oral medications to control diabetes, (as long as it is not newly prescribed or stopped); or ii) a change from a brand name medication to a generic brand medication (provided the dosage is not modified);
    • there has been no new symptom, more frequent symptom or more severe symptom experienced;
    • there has been no test result showing a deterioration;
    • there has been no hospitalization or referral to a specialist (made or recommended) and there is no further investigation for which results are pending.
    Will my age affect my coverage eligibility?

    With MEDOC®, you don’t have to worry about not qualifying for coverage because you’ve reached a certain age . If you are concerned about your coverage in relation to your age, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 1.866.606.3362 or by email at [email protected]

    Can I extend my coverage once I’m already on a trip?

    Yes, you can extend your coverage after the date of departure from your province of residence. You must contact us prior to your coverage lapsing and one of our agents will be able to assist you. Please note that there may be a premium adjustment. In case you have already experienced a claim during your trip or believe you have reason to submit a claim, please allow at least 3 business days prior to your coverage lapsing, as your file will need to be reviewed and approval received, prior to an extension request being granted.3


    Johnson Insurance is a tradename of Johnson Inc. (“Johnson”), a licensed insurance intermediary, and operates as Johnson Insurance Services in British Columbia and Johnson Inc. in Manitoba.

    Visit Johnson Insurance - Quebec for products available in QC.

    MEDOC® is a Registered Trademark of JI. This insurance product is administered by JI and underwritten by SSQ Insurance Company Inc. (“SSQ”) for Quarter Century Club members and otherwise underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada (“RSA”). Valid provincial or territorial health plan coverage required. Travel Assistance provided by AXA Assistance for policies underwritten by SSQ and provided by Global Excel Management Inc. for policies underwritten by RSA. The eligibility requirements, terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions which apply to the described coverage are as set out in the policy. Policy wordings prevail. JI and RSA share common ownership. Call 1.866.606.3362 for details. MEDOC® Travel Insurance is not offered in Nunavut.

    Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. The basic coverage summary is provided to you for informational purposes only. Your insurance contract will prevail at all times; please consult it for a complete description of coverage and exclusions.

    *Maximum trip duration of 17, 35 or 40 days may apply, for trips either outside of Canada or your province of residence, see confirmation of coverage for details.

    A 90-day stability clause may apply to pre-existing medical conditions. Please refer to your policy for details. Additional restrictions may apply.

    1Coverage for Trip Cancellation begins the day of booking your trip provided your insurance is in effect. Some policies may also cover trips booked within 5 days of purchase, where no cancellation penalties have been charged, or otherwise start coverage on the day insurance premium is paid and the policy is issued. See policy for details.

    2Discounts on home insurance applicable to principal residence only and only on policies underwritten by RSA in Quebec and Unifund Assurance Company (“UAC”) in the rest of Canada.
    Eligibility requirements, limitations and exclusions apply. JI, RSA and UAC share common ownership.

    3If you have had a claim or have reason to believe you will submit a claim, your request to extend may be declined or may exclude coverage for a pre-existing medical condition.

    Group Benefits

    Insurance built for group members

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    Group benefits made easy

    We help members make the most of their group insurance. Whether you prefer online self-service or a reassuring voice over the phone—we’re here for you.

      Trip Cancellation

      Sometimes, a change of travel plans is unavoidable. At least you can avoid losing all your money!

      You’ve spent months planning that special vacation, but a personal emergency or bad weather could cost you your trip. Make sure you’re covered with Trip Cancellation Insurance

      What’s covered?

      Trip Cancellation Insurance gives you coverage for a variety of scenarios that may lead to trip cancellations. It also may cover you for travel delays or interruptions you might face, such as flights cancelled due to bad weather, or a delay that causes you to miss a connecting flight.  Baggage delayed? You’re covered for buying the essentials while you wait for your luggage to join you. 

      To Get a Quote call us: 1.877.466.2929

      Additional Information

      Have questions? We’re here to answer them

      What is the Johnson Members Only website?

      The Members Only (Group Benefits) section is a self-service option for those customers who are members of a group benefits program for health, dental, life and other types of personal insurance, usually offered through their employer. If you are a member of a group benefits program through Johnson, this is where you can find out about your coverage, see copies of correspondence mailed to you and, if your plan or policy allows, submit online claims for quicker reimbursement.

      If you're a new user, visit our Group Benefits section to request a confidential user name and password. 

      How do I change my address on file?

      You can change your address on the Members Only website, or you can contact the Johnson Claims Department toll-free, 24/7, at 1.800.804.0087.

      How do I find out about my coverage?

      The Members Only website will show you your coverage, or you can contact our Claims Department.


      Johnson Insurance is a trade name of Johnson Inc. (“JI”), a licensed insurance intermediary, and operates as Johnson Insurance Services in British Columbia and as Johnson Inc. in Manitoba. Outside of Quebec, home and car policies underwritten, and claims handled by Unifund Assurance Company (“UAC”). Described offers are applicable only to policies underwritten by UAC. Car insurance not available in BC, SK or MB. Home and car insurance not available in NU. JI and UAC share common ownership. Eligibility requirements, limitations, exclusions or additional costs may apply, and/or may vary by province or territory.

      Visit Johnson Insurance - Quebec for products available in QC.

      Johnson is a licensed insurance intermediary. Johnson provides administrative, consulting and/or claims administration/payment services. Insurance products are underwritten by various insurance providers. The terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions which apply to the described coverage are as set out in the policy. Policy wordings prevail.