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Condo Insurance

As a condo owner, your insurance needs are special. There are some areas of your home that are covered by your condo corporation, and others that aren't. Let Johnson find you the right protection.

Comprehensive condo coverages

What makes condo insurance different?

Even though your condo is your home, condo insurance and home insurance are very different. Homeowners are responsible for their living space as well as the structure and the property it’s on. With a condo, you only have to insure the interior of your place—the land, building and common areas are often insured by your condo association. However, your insurance policy needs to work with your condo building’s own policies and rules. So, it’s important to get your condo insurance from a company that understands the ins and outs of condo policies.

Why do I need condo insurance?

Condo corporations usually require each unit owner to have a policy in place to cover their personal contents, liability and any improvements they make to their unit. However, your condo corporation will have a policy in place to cover insured losses to the common areas of the building, property and fixtures, wall and floor coverings that were installed during the original construction of the building.

Included in your policy:

  • Personal Property

    Helps pay the costs of repairs or replacement of your contents. Plus, it covers some additional living expenses if you have to temporarily move out

    or find a new home due to damage after an insured loss. Customize the amount of coverage you need.

  • Liability

    We'll help you cover the cost of damages if someone is accidentally injured at your condo or you unintentionally cause injury to someone (at home

    or elsewhere). Choose a coverage amount of $1 million or $2 million.

  • All-Risk

    This may cover potential damages to your property, such as fire, theft and vandalism. We even cover accidental damage by you in many

    circumstances. Coverage is all risk, meaning you will be covered for loss or damage other than from perils that are specifically excluded.

  • Unit Betterments & Improvements

    Coverage for repair or replacement of upgraded items in your condo, such as granite countertops, hardwood flooring, etc.

  • Unit Additional Protection

    Provides additional protection and coverage for damage to your unit if the condo corporation's policy covering the building structure has

    lapsed or is inadequate.

  • Loss Assessment

    This helps cover your costs if you have to pay a share of a claim against the condo corporation—damage to common areas, or if the corporation

    deductible is passed on to condo owners, for example.

  • Specialty Items

    Coverage for any high-value items you may have in your home that are especially valuable, like jewellery or art.

  • Identity Theft

    If your identity is stolen, there could be financial losses to deal with. You could also have legal fees, costs to restore your identity

    or lost wages to consider. Your policy may cover these costs up to a value of $30,000.

Boost your plan with optional coverages

We can personalize your policy to suit your specific needs; from home business insurance to enhanced water protection*. Browse our additional coverage options below.

Have questions? We’re here to answer them

I’m buying my first condo, what do I need to know about condo fees and rules?

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing your first condo. While there are plenty of variables to consider when you start looking, these tips can help you get started:

Know the Association Fees: Knowing what the condo association fees cost and what they include is a very important factor when buying your first condo. Most include coverage and maintenance for the building and property, but it’s still important to know exactly what they cover and any exclusions that may apply.

Special Assessments: Special assessments are fees that are charged to cover the cost of a significant repairs, like a new roof or window replacement. If a special assessment is part of future plans, it’s possible that association fees can be raised, or a large lump sum can be required, which can cause financial serious strain.

Association Rules: Condo units are built in close proximity to each other, so condo associations often have rules to help govern the communities and keep the peace. It’s important to review these prior to purchase because factors like pet restrictions, quiet hours, and rental restrictions can have a direct impact on your living situation and lifestyle.

Litigation: By nature of the close quarters in which condo units exist, litigation can be fairly common. Owners will sometimes sue other owners, the management company or developer. Make sure there are no past or pending litigations within your condo association as this can be a sign of a poor management. 

Your Balcony: Most condos come with balconies, but make sure you look at both the unit deed and master deed very closely. While the balcony may be attached to your unit and form part of the building, it may be your responsibility to repair. So, make sure you find out if it’s your responsibility to maintain the balcony, or the association’s.

Will my insurance cover me if I participate in home share or short term rental?

Yes, for home and condo owners, but there are limits and exclusions.

You are insured while you rent your dwelling to others, no more than four (4) occurrences per year, up to a maximum of 30 days in total, in one policy term.

For the duration of the rental period, coverage for the following perils on premises are removed:

  • Vandalism or malicious acts
  • Theft, including loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft of personal property.
Do I need insurance if I live in a condominium?

Condominium owners need insurance. Condo insurance is recommended to provide protection for both personal property and liability.


The Condominium Corporation has its own insurance that covers incidents outside of your personal unit that typically covers the building and common areas. Only you can insure your unit improvements, personal property and liability.


Condo insurance includes:


  • Loss or damage of your contents and personal property
  • Additional living expenses if you have to move out of your unit because of an insured loss
  • Personal liability coverage
  • Unit Improvements and Betterments
  • Loss Assessment (covers your share of any assessment by the condo corporation because of an insured loss or damage to the common areas of the condo building, e.g. the lobby, elevator)
  • Unit Additional Protection (covers your unit itself in case the condo corporation does not have adequate insurance that will fully cover a loss to your unit)

Please connect with us to ensure that you have adequate coverage to protect you and your family.

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