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Insure what matters to you when renting a home

You can now get a quote online with belairdirect

Discover belairdirect

You can now get a quote online with belairdirect

Discover belairdirect

Tenant Insurance

Home is where the heart is – and also where your stuff is. If you’re renting a home, condo, or apartment, your landlord is responsible for insuring the structural elements of the rental property, but it’s up to renters to make sure your belongings are protected. With tenant insurance, we’ll make sure your possessions can be replaced in the event of damage or loss.

It looks like we don’t offer home insurance in your province!

belairdirect is available in most Canadian provinces, but does not offer insurance in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or the territories.

belairdirect is available in most Canadian provinces, but does not offer insurance in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or the territories.

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Tenant Insurance - the protection you need

What's covered?

Are you looking for insurance for an apartment, condo or home that you are renting? We’ll make sure your things are protected as a renter-and more. Our tenant insurance goes beyond insuring your prized possessions, to cover you for unintentional injuries on your property, damages as a result of identity theft and upgrades you’ve made to your rented home.

Included in your policy:

  • Contents Coverage

    We'll cover the cost of repairs or replacement of your belongings, and some additional living expenses if you have to move out temporarily or

    find a new home due to damage after an insured loss.

  • Liability

    If someone is accidentally injured on your property, or you unintentionally cause an injury (at home or elsewhere)—we’ll help you cover the

    cost of damages. You can choose between $1 million or $2 million in coverage.

  • All-Risk

    We don’t just cover your contents. In many circumstances, we’ll also cover accidental damage, voluntary medical expenses and any upgrades

    you’ve made to the home/apartment. Coverage is all risk, meaning you will be covered for loss or damage other than from perils that are specifically excluded.

  • Specialty items

    If you have any items in your home that are especially valuable, we’ll cover them. This could include jewellery, art and more.

  • Identity theft

    Getting your identity stolen could result in financial losses from legal fees, identity restoration fees, and lost wages. So we’ll protect you

    financially for up to $30,000.

Perks that come with being a tenant

Enjoy these extra benefits with your tenant insurance:

24/7 Claims

Whenever you need us, we’ll be here to help. All day, every day.

50+ Plan

If you or your spouse are 50+, you could qualify for extra services: nursing, companion, housekeeping after a hospital stay, and home repair referral services.

More than just insurance

We know that our coverage is just the beginning. We'll help answer your questions and give you the tips and tricks you need to protect your home.

Tips for tenants and renters to get organized during a move:

A Week Before

Change your address a week before you move. This includes mail forwarding, utilities, banking, etc. This is important because most companies require up to a week to process the address change.

Small Boxes

Use small boxes for heavy items. This will keep the weight manageable and limit the amount of empty space within the box, keeping the items from shifting or breaking while in transit.

Prevent Leaks

To prevent potential leaks from bottles—like shampoo or cooking oil—take an extra couple seconds to unscrew the cap, place a piece of plastic wrap or a plastic bag over the opening and reapply the lid. Simple, yet surprisingly effective.

Pack an Overnight Bag

Packing an overnight bag is a smart way to ensure that you can settle in on your first night. Even if you’re organized and prepared, boxes can get misplaced, movers can be delayed and accidents can happen–be prepared with clothes, a water bottle, toiletries and electronics chargers.

Cleaning Supplies

Set aside a box of cleaning supplies to have handy when you arrive at your new home. No one wants to unpack their belongings in a dirty space, so keep essentials handy.

Take Photos

For renters, take photos of every space before you start moving your possessions into your new home. It will be much more difficult to prove that you didn’t cause any pre-existing damage after all your furniture is moved in.


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